CoCoRaHS (Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow)

You are probably asking what is CoCoRaHS and what can I do to assist this community effort?

CoCoRaHS is an acronym that stands for "Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow". Data is collected on a daily basis by Volunteer Observers and then uploaded to the CoCoRaHS web servers. Many areas of the country, including Idaho, already have many CoCoRaHS volunteers; however, at the moment, Gem County only has one active volunteer. Because of this, valuable precipitation data is not being collected. Thus, there is a need to add new Gem County Volunteer Observers to the CoCoRaHS team. Actually, CoCoRaHS can use new reporting volunteers all over the USA.

To learn more about CoCoRaHS and how you can help with this collection effort, see the following link that takes you to the CoCoRaHS website where you will find information on how to become a volunteer. Volunteering takes very little time and only requires that you collect rainfall and snow amounts each morning and upload that data to CoCoRaHS.

Click here to learn more about becoming a CoCoRaHS Volunteer Observer

Click here to see the CoCoRaHS Wanted flyer

NOTE: If you decide to join our team, and I hope you do, please use my CoCoRaHS station ID on the form
where it asks you "How did you find out about CoCoRaHS?".

My CoCoRaHS station ID is: ID-GM-5.

Please consider joining CoCoRaHS and helping to collect valuable data.